1. Antonio seems to have it all. Why, then, is Antonio so sad? Why doesn’t he know the cause of his sadness? What guesses do Solanio and Salerio have about the causes of his depression? What lifts his depression?
2. What has Bassanio come to tell Antonio?
3. Why does Bassanio set his sights on Portia? What stands in his way? How does he plan to overcome those barriers?
4. Bassanio lives well beyond his means. Why, then, does Antonio continue to lend him money
willingly, even though Bassanio has yet to pay him back? Would you lend money to him?
5. What plan does Bassanio have to pay Antonio back?



1 when antonio is asked about his sadness,he is not able to express it.actually he doesn't know the cause of it.the cause regarding the saftey of his ships or has he fallen in love is all rejected by antonio.He thinks that his nature is sad and he is destined to play a sad role in life.the possible reason may be his loneliness.he had been alone and dosen't have a family.there was only bassino whom he could share his thoughts.he loved bassino from his heart but,bassino was going to be portia's,so that can be reason for his sadness.he was bored of his life that is why he signed a pound of flesh agreement with shylock , a happy person would never had signed that agreement

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1.Antonio doesnt know the reason for his sadness. Salerio and Solanio suggest that he is sad due to his merchant ships.then salerio says that he is in love but he denies.
2. Bassanio has come to say Antonio to speak of his love to Portia and he wants to woo her.
3. Bassanio sets his eys on portia because she is very wealthy.His extravagant style and poorness stands in his way.He plans to speak to Antonio to take him out of his loans.
4. It is because Antonio loved his friend Bassanio more than his life.I would not lend any money because there is no possibility of Bassanio to pay the money back.
5.He plans to give the money to Antonio after he marries wealthy Portia..
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