Solve this... 1 lady took a piggy bank at the age of 20 and used put 250/- on her every birthday. but her brother used to take 50/- back from the piggy bank box on his birthday for his requirement. the lady died at the age of 60 and when the box was opened the money left was only 500/-.... how??? can anyone explain?




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if the lady's b'day was in the leap year....
then the time (in yrs) for which lady invested rs250/- = (60-20)/4 = 10 yrs ( bcz leap yr comes aftr every 4 yrs)
her invested amount in 10 yrs=10*250= RS 2500/-
and if her brother's b'day falls every year, and each year he takes RS 50/- from the piggy bank, then in (60-20) =40 years he took out the amount of RS 50*40 =RS 2000/-.........
then of course the remaining money in the piggy bank is RS(2500-2000)/- = RS 500/-.....
so simple..... :)
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