First friend name:Sara
Second friends name:Taylor
1)Save water

Sara:Hey Taylor how are you?
Taylor:Yeah I am fine how are you?
Sara: I am completely fine but I think the water is very sad.
Taylor:Yeah Sara actually you are saying right I mean we the peoples are wasting our enviroment and plus the most important water.
Sara:How can we live on earth if we have no water to survive.
Taylor:You are absolutely correct and I think it should need to stop don't you think?
Sara:Yeah it needs to stop now only but the question is how?
Taylor:Yeah I think I know the answer. 
Sara:Then what it is?
Taylor:We will stick posters and can give pampletes to the peoples who will take the decision.
Sara:Yeah I think you actually quite right we will start from tomorrow do you agree?
Taylor:It is very great so its done from tomorrow we will start our work.Byr
Sara:Yeah ok bye.
I hope it will come useful to you