Relentless woman from Indian history

      Indian history is way to abundant in great stories to describe them all here in this short essay. That is why I think it would be good idea to focus on one specific period in the Indian history and for this I decided to choose the contemporary history of India.

Usha Mehta Savitribai Phule (25th March 1920 ~ 11th August 2000)
        Usha Mehta Savitribai Phule was not only a freedom fighter and a follower of Mahatma Ghandi, but also a creator of the so called Secret Congress Radio during the 1983 Quit India Movement. For her activities, she was sentenced to confinement in the Yeravda prison in Pune. 

Rani Lakshmibai (19th November ~ 17th June 1858)
         A true fighter for freedom and a symbol of heroism in the contemporary history of Indian. Rani Lakshmibai was a queen of the state of Jhansi who participated in the first rebellion against British which started in 1857. After the city of Jhansi had been captured, the queen was moving back with her army a couple of times until she was finally beaten and slain while fighting with her son Damodar Rao. It's worth to note that even the British command praised her devotion and heroism. 


I merely scratched the iceberg of this topic here. I believe that you could find many many more of such brave women who fought for their country. We have to remember that sometimes fighting doesn't mean drawing a sword, sometimes it's giving people hope, sometimes it's creating better laws or tightening the bonds with other countries