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Giving up has been a simple routine in my life.Even if i cannot compete a simple task i used to give it up without caring to complete it.People say me that everything is possible as long as you live.Chances doesn't determine your life its choice that determines. The only unacceptable failure is to give up because it means rejecting the opportunity of master something,of living better.

A fine day when my younger sister was driving to school met with accident.Even i would have been admitted in hospital after hearing this horrible news.She lost her leg.She was a small girl who don't even know about her future.I went crying and stood behind her.She hold my hands and said," Sis, only leg is gone but i'm still alive".This drove me into a genera of surprise.I thought she would be in great depression.But pleasantly she wasn't.

Lately she said that people keep mocking at her that she cannot walk.She asked my help to make her walk properly.She failed a lot of time but she kept on trying.I was really ashamed of myself.She succeeded in walking by herself.

The words came into my mind "disabled are differently abled"
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