There are 3 types of soil....... 1.Clay soil particles are very small and compact. Gardens with these types of soil particles don’t work well because the air has a hard time getting to the roots. The soil absorbs and holds water and creates a drainage problem. This adversely affects healthy root and plant growth. 2. Sandy soil particles are large. The water and nutrients (particularly nitrogen) quickly drain away from the plant root zone. Sandy soil is the opposite of clay soil. 3. Silt soil is made up of fine particles. Like clay the soil holds water but doesn’t have good aeration around the roots
1. Sandy soil : sandy soil has the largest particles among different soil types. It's dry and gritty to the touch and because the particles have huge spaces between them . It can't hold on to water. 2. Silty soil : silty soil has much smaller particles than sandy soil so its smooth to the touch. When moistened , it's soapy, slick. When you roll it between your fingers, dirt is left on your skin. 3. Clay soil : clay soil has the smallest particles among the three so it has good water storage qualities. It's sticky to the touch when wet , but smooth when dry. 4. Peaty soil : Peaty soil is dark brown or black in color , soft, easily compressed due to its high water content, and rich in organic matter. 5. Saline soil : the soil in extremely dry regions is usually brackish because of its high salt content known as saline soil.