My biggest wish for India is that to seen India as corruption free country,because when this corruption get over then the poorness or illiteracy gets over. This poorness or illiteracy is a big rock in our country by which our country India is not developing properly by which the poor people are not getting proper education,proper food and proper school. So, at last I want to say that- 
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The India is my biggest  wish  is a land of hundred per cent educated people. Let us do away with the farce of calling those people literate who can write only their names and those educated who have procured a certificate through copying and other unfair means. Let my country have people who are really educated s that they may think about the welfare of the society and strength of the nation. It is through education that we can retain our culture, control our population, reject dogmas and the false history that was written by foreigners and is retained by selfish leaders.India of my wish will have no scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and backward classes. Everyone will be an honorable citizen. Everyone will have the same social status. There will be no upper or lower castes. The male chauvinism will disappear and women will enjoy the same status as enjoyed by men. Let this wish be a reality...
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