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Essay       The incident which taught me, “Never give up” happened when I was 11. On my birthday, I was not happy enough as no one even wished me since morning and I stood disappointed with that and was thinking anonymous like why doesn’t anyone cares of me,  Am I not  important for anyone, has everyone forgot all my favours and good deeds. I started giving up which had became kind of a routine in my daily life. Later that day (afternoon) I was still waiting for a sort of surprise but things started getting worse. I didn’t die because of it but really disappointed by myself. Truly said, ”don’t trust anyone”. When the day broke, I saw an ant rustling nearby. just for sake, I went to it and hurdeled its way by my hand but the ant choose an longer way and turned. I kept on doing this for a few minutes or so. I was amazed. After 7:00 P.M .(evening) I thought for a change. I was moved by the ant’s act. It nearly seemed to be my mistake things don’t always be easy as we can’t predict them. I tried to 
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