Essay       The incident which taught me, “Never give up” happened when I was 11. On my birthday, I was not happy enough as no one even wished me since morning and I stood disappointed with that and was thinking anonymous like why doesn’t anyone cares of me,  Am I not  important for anyone, has everyone forgot all my favours and good deeds. I started giving up which had became kind of a routine in my daily life. Later that day (afternoon) I was still waiting for a sort of surprise but things started getting worse. I didn’t die because of it but really disappointed by myself. Truly said, ”don’t trust anyone”. When the day broke, I saw an ant rustling nearby. just for sake, I went to it and hurdeled its way by my hand but the ant choose an longer way and turned. I kept on doing this for a few minutes or so. I was amazed. After 7:00 P.M .(evening) I thought for a change. I was moved by the ant’s act. It nearly seemed to be my mistake things don’t always be easy as we can’t predict them. I tried to 
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It is easy to say something is hard to do if you never tried doing it.   This saying hits home for me because there was a time I thought I could not play sports or thought that it would be a struggle because I had asthma. After beating myself up over not having the courage to try, my friends encouraged me to try out for basketball. When starting out it was a little hard to run and bounce the ball at the same time, it took even more energy and effort to shoot the ball. 

    This did not help in keeping my spirit high. I felt defeated and stopped trying.   While feeling bad about not being good right away I remembered what my mom told me “Everything does not come easy, you have to work for it”. This made me feel better and I practiced every day after school until I learned how to play the game.   Now basketball is my favourite sport, if I had not tried it wouldn’t have been possible for me to brag about my accomplishments today. 

      If you do not try to do something, you will never know if you are good at it.   Confidence is the key when it comes to trying something new. 
Don’t be a failure by thinking you cannot do something or not even try.   When making a mistake, try harder the next time and it will eventually become easy. You will be very happy and pleases with yourself when you try to do something and succeed.   When attempting to do something put in the effort so you can be the best at it. I have learned that not trying is worst than trying and failing.   I have so much to learn and will try my hardest to accomplish all my goals.....
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