Poetry competition in the school Shall I win, lose, will it be a tie? Excited budding poets like me Waiting eagerly for the time Hoping to prove our worth, Wishing to shine! But alas! A prefect duty cropped up And I routinely had to rush off By the time I could return Contest was over- all was lost. I went home teary – eyed and sad I felt like my dreams had just shattered But dear Mother showed me what truly mattered. She told me that competitions Would keep coming and going But what was within me is what I should have been showing What matters in a person Is never the given contest prize But what she does to deserve it And how much for it she tries. So my spirits lifted and I wrote a poem Not for a competition but for consolation of mine Looking back at my memory Its when my realisation did shine. At the end of the day To never give up I learned It wasnt a prize as a trophy But as a learning I earned. I hope you find this poem helpful :)
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