History is very unique in itself. It is far too different from other parts of social science. In history there is no bookish knowledge or anything that can be memorized by repeating.It is a story in itself. We become curious in knowing more about it unlike others. It is not about knowing something superficial or any lawa or the budget its about what interesting has happened before and how has it influenced us today. Sso its really important. 
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Yes it's unique because it contains many dates and is important in itself.
we get intrest in it because it's as a story. we have many examples of the bravery . we don't commit the mistake that was commited before . we can have the glorious past years of our great country.even in upsc it's the important. we learn from other experiences. it's like a stoy and we get more curius to read it.there are many books and litreature regarding to it
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