Accidents are believed to be the curse of gods. They happen all os a sudden when no one is aware. their suddenness causes much loss and devastation. people are very afraid of them.
A house tht catches a sudden fire is also one of them. It ruins families and often takes several lives. Nothing is left but ashes. Even the rich are made paupers. i had witness such an unfortunate happening, last sunday night, the sight of which is still fresh in my mind.
It was about midnight. suddenly i saw my mother knocking my door and calling me loudly.I got up in semi-conscious and opened my door. My mother told that a house in the neighbouhood was on fire. I was left with no time and instantly rushed to the spot. A big crowd of neighbours was trying to throw water, sand and earth on the flames but it was proving ineffective.

in the mean time, i saw a woman crying for her son who was left inside the room. No one dared to go into the room set ablaze. I saw the fire were working in the upper storey where the child was sleeping. Luckily the fire brigade had reached the place. The firemen were now at work.
They were trying their best to control the fire. They even save the child.
Now the fire was touching the next house.
All present there were anxious.
It was god's miracle the the firemen were able to control the fire after a great struggle.
people present there were thanking the firemens for their effort.

hope this helps.. :)