In today's world, nothing can be done without money. The main goal of many, many people all around the world is to get proper education, get employed for a job, and earn money. In today's world, many people don't care about anything more than money. Everything has to be bought by money. Money is also a way of 'trading' for things. For example, if you want to buy a chewing gum, you will give an amount of money to the person you are buying it from. Basically, money is everything in today's world.
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Money,it is said can buy almost everything in life,except happiness.And people who make money through fair means or foul often lose sight of basic human values.They become cruel,heartless,callous and corrupt.They feel that they are law into themselves and that the other do not matter.They are salves to their money.Such people are often remembered for their humanitarian and philanthropic acts rather than those who spend all their money on themselves.
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