1.Sakarmak Kriya (Transitive Verb) - These cause direct effect on another person/object. These are of two types- 
◦Preranarthak Kriya (Causative Verb) 
◦Dwikarmak Kriya (Verbs with two objects) 

2.Akarmak Kriya (Intransitive Verb) - Have no effect on others. 

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Sakarmak kriya is a "bhed" of kriya where two kriyas exist in a sentence .
for example- ram khana khake so gaya.
here you can see 2 kriyas - khake(eat) and so (sleep).
in akarmak kriya there is only one kriya in the sentence.
for example- ram khel raha hey.
here khel(playing) is the only kriya taking part in the sentence.

hope i helped ye.