I want to go for this motion.

''Behind every successful man there is a women''. All great men in their autobiographies have acknowledged this fact. Women play a complementary and important role in life. nature has gifted them with special attributes, so that the human would continue to grow and prosper.
Thus while men have been endowed with virile strength, women are endowed with humane sensibilities and emotion like love, compassion and caring. These are extremly vital for upbringing of the future generation,
who are the hope of tommorow. They are the fulcrums around which the family and live resolve. Thus as a wife, mother or sister they play an indidpensable part in the life of men.
EvenĀ in the 21st century girls are encountered with several anti-social activities, including dowry. In some places, they are looked down upon as the scar in the society. Education is restricted to them.
And they are forcely engulfed in the supertitious negative beliefs.
If some money is spent on them, then it is obviously money well spent.

hope this helps.. :)