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Essay:-   =>One day I was coming from my friend's home as there was our practical and viva on next day. There were about 10; 00 pm and there was thunder between clouds. I mean that it was a stormy night .I was on my bike. I was wishing to god that "Hey Bhagwan please aaj barishh maat karna" and immediately my circuit of my bike which is connected to my bike's battery had got damaged. So I started worrying about my bike that how will I repair it without the help of mechanic and I was on the national highway so there is about 3 miles distance between the city market and me. I started crying and worrying about that how I will go to home and special thing is that my mobile phone had got switched off .And my wallet and all identification get wet. There was not anyone who helps me out. I was very sad because of that incidence. I became hope less on that time. “The world we live in is challenging and demanding. With population growth and increasing costs of resources, every individual is facing a pressure, be it an employment or self-run business. The pressure is bolstered with competition we have in modern life. Such competition heavily spurs the requirements life puts to us, therefore to compete successfully we need to excel ourselves. Excelling is only viable when we have a goal and work toward it.”   Now there was somebody with their bike and he lived there. So I asked him to give me his bike and then he gave me his bike.   So, taking into account that following your goal and working hard to achieve it, definitely improves personal qualities and makes a person more viable in today’s world of rising requirements.  
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One day I was bored, and I was just sitting idle. I saw an ant on the floor carrying food, probably for its fellow ants. I was bored, and had nothing to do, so I put my finger in front of it. Like any normal organism would have done, it didn't. It turned back, and walked from the other side. I though it would only do this once, but I did this several times, and the ant did the same things. Turned around and walked from the other side. The ant taught me one of the most important lessons in my life. Never give up.
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