I think it is due to simple human mentality which is always eager to learn and discover new and interesting facts abut the world around them.It is not only the people of today who r interested and it is justified by the reason that telescope was discovered even before our grandparents were born.People in olden times used to see the stars and moons and find out the time,date and location.
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People today are curious about the stars and galaxy's because they want to find out how they work, and how they ended up being on the earth. People want to know the reason 'WHY'. We still don't know whether there are signs of life on other planets.

Additional fact- Nasa has just recently told people that they will get to see Pluto from a distance of 1,500 kilometers. They have sent a drone or something which has taken 9 years to reach the planet, and covered about 5 billion kilometers.
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