Long time ago there lived a boy named Ajay with his father. They both were very happy with there lives and very playful. One day Ajay's dad had to go to another village for an impotant meeting while his son was in charge of the house near the Ganges.

Ajay did not sleep for some time because he had to look over the house. He went fishing to feed himself and gathered wood to set up a fire and cook the food. He did this until Afternoon he had prepared his lunch and eaten but he felt sleepy and fell asleep. After some hours Ajay felt some tingling sensation and heard weird sounds when he woke up he saw Wolves in the house.

Ajay felt very scared and slowly walked towards a iron rod which was kept in the house if there was an emergency without the wolves noticing and hit the wolveas and they did not even dare to fight back and when his father returned he had told him what happened