Plzzzz plzzzzz plzzzz tell me a poem on moon/sun /clouds /river written by Meera bai or Kabir Das (8 lines poem)
Plzzzzzz plzzzz reply fast today as I ha to submit this project on Monday I:e tomorrow

it should only be of moon or sun or clouds or river n written by Meera bai and Kabir das
lokh p
plzzz write
i have given u a poem on moon but u have to accept my friend request


THE moon shines in my body, but my blind eyes cannot see it:
The moon is within me, and so is the sun.
The unstruck drum of Eternity is sounded within me; but my deaf ears cannot hear it.

So long as man clamours for the I and the Mine, his works are as naught:
When all love of the I and the Mine is dead, then the work of the Lord is done.
For work has no other aim than the getting of knowledge:
When that comes, then work is put away.

The flower blooms for the fruit: when the fruit comes, the flower withers.
The musk is in the deer, but it seeks it not within itself: it wanders in quest of grass.
I want the poem in hindiiii not in English
so you have to write in the question that I want in hindi