There was a house near the ganges .the family was very small .the head of the family was a bussiness man. he used to go to different cities for work.once he had to visit a city near by still he was tensed for his family.he taught it was time to give his son responsibility..He called him and said"son I have to visit another village for work .i am worried about your old mother and yoursister .i hand over the responsibility of your mother and sister.I hope you'll please me'.yes father' the son says.days go on .the boy becomes responsible and hard working.Suddenly a cyclone stikes and there is heavy rain for many days.the village floods and many houses get destroyed .the bussieness man's house gets filled with water. the son gets tensed .Suddenly he sees boat and he carries his mother and sister to the place where his father had gone with bravery .the wind blows ,he faces many obstacles.But he suceeds in saving his family and is family feels proud about him 
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