Collect information about the persons who you think have excelled in their lives though they may not have come into limelight. Based on the information you gather about the persons, prepare a short

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well, i can give u a list of people and u can collect information on them from any place


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                                            if u r not from Tamil Nadu u may not aware of him .But his life journey is really an inspiration for young generation like me.He was born and brought up in Thiruvarur and in tiruchirappalli(Tiruchi) .His father is police office <he often say his father is a strict officer> and mother is house wife<much affectionate person in his life> and a sweet sister<who she is now a doctor> and his grand father is padmashee award winner for Nadswaram<wind instrument>.
                                            Until his school life he not much jovial and his college life is quit opposite .He discover himself that he is good in mimicking actors voice <eg rajini/kamal/vijaikanth..>and most of all his presence of humor is so admirable.when he finished his college <with 21 arrears >he d't have much ambitions.during that time in kalaignar TV stand up comedy show was broadcaster .some of his friends insisted him to take participate in that show.For his seance of humor he won consequently two Title that gave him a brake in Vijay tv(star network channel) for hosting the super singe /Jodi no1/ adhu idhu edhu shows.where mean time he also anchor for Tamil Film Fare show in hear where he got good friendship with Actor Danush(why this kolaveri di) he gave him a brake in a Film 3 as comedian and later on he done some films(as comedian/supporting lead hero) that ware not good in box office where once again Danush gave him a lead role in Ethir neechal (as solo hero) gave him a star dome applause and recognized him as good actor from then he become 4th ranking in Tamil Film industry .His latest film MAAN KARATE gave him a reputation of 4 crore< salary> for his sixth film,so for he is the 2nd actor to gain such lofty pay in a short career<less no. of film list> after actor Karthi( actor surya bro-Tamil singam hero )   
                                  if i want to compare and give a good example for north indian guys(brainly members).... AYUSHMAN KHURRANA journey and SIVAKARTHIKEYAN film entry is same   
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