The word mother land can be said as two different kind one is MOTHER-LAND which is our birth place and another one is MOTHERLAND which gave us and giving us food,shelter,friends,life,money,etc...
I can give some what better words for the second one that is MOTHERLAND my mother land is INDIA while simply saying about INDIA it is a very good country but the people live in it is only the ? if I want to give some service for my motherland than I will only go for paying TAXES of mine over my country because India has to repay $172 billion debt by March 2014I dint say that THE HINDU news paper has given this details.if every single person in our country pay their taxes correctly according to their salary or what ever it may be than our India will not be begging from others.Than automatically our country will be placed as one of the developed  country in the world .So I will pay my taxes correctly to my country as my service to motherland because if change than my family will also change if my family been changed than my neighbor will change if they pay than my street use to pay their tax than my city than my state then what sup my India will be in top of developed country 
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