Smoking is very harmful for our body and it causes many forms of diseases in the consumer.Chronic smoking leads to decrease in the resistance in the body so that common afflictions such as flu and cold are easily contracted in the body of the consumer of the tobacco.It is also seen that the power for smelling and tasting also lessens and this leads to  the lost of appetite and also poor nutrition leads to many debilitating disease.It also causes lung cancer and cancer of the mouth and it also shortens the lifespan of the victim.

Tobacco smoke decreases the female fertility and also cause some major problems such as miscarriage,infant death,stillbirth and also many other problems.Passive smoking is the inhalation of the cigarette  smoke by the persons who are not themselves smokers but inhale the smoke fron the person who is actually smoking.

Tobacco contains carcinogens which results in developement of cancer in the individual.It also contains carbon monoxide(CO)and ammonia(NH3)which affects the lungs and causes black smokey deposits in the air sacs of lungs,thus decreasing the capacity of the lungs to oxygenate the blood resulting suffocation.

If we keep chewing or smoking tobacco the time will come when we will have no sense of what going on outside but on the inside the tobacco will be killing slowly and painfully like a job of a silent killer.