I think it may help you .  i'm too in 9th cbse
thank u but the summary is too big , mujhe to sirf ek A-4 size sheet par likni h
Lamuel Gulliver's father was owner f small plot of land. After he completed his study,he learnt medical but he was not succesful. Then he went out on a voyage in 'Antelope'.That ship was strucked with a storm and when he opened his eyes he was on an island.He saw many little humans about 6 inches high.The were so small they cant take gulliver to city.They were very intelligent and put gulliver on a carriage and took him to city in country named LILLIPUT.He stayed there in temple where king and other ministers live.They neither know gulliver's language nor gulliver know their language.So special teachers were appointed to teach him language.The minister of this country have to do rope dance at any time when king ask them.Their was a conflict between people who prefer high heels and who prefer low heals.Their was an island named Blefuscu which was enemy of lilliput.In attack gulliver helped lilliput to win battle.
Other wise at end of every chapter of novel 'plot' is can write all these as a short summary.