International Yoga Day, also known as Yoga Day in some places, June 21, was declared as the International Day of yoga by the U.N assembly on December 11, 2014. The P M of india told that its longest day of year. in his UN Address suggested the date to be June 21 as the International Day of Yoga as it is the longest day of the year.
                                  International Yoga Day

         Yoga is one among the many legacies that our ancestors have left for us. Due to initiative taken by our beloved prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi, 
June 21st,  2015 was celebrated for the first time all over the world as 'World Yoga Day'. From that day onwards, June 21 every year will be celebrated as the World Yoga Day. 
           June 21 has been announced as International Yoga Day by UN General Assembly President Sam Kutesa. Over 170 countries have supported the proposal of the International Yoga Day, which shows the sum of the invisible and visible benefits of Yoga in the people of world. He also congratulated the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whose initiative on June 21 every year has been declared the International Yoga Day. 
             Yoga is an ancient art which was originated in India around five thousand years ago. Yoga is a good practice to keep our mind and body healthy. It improves our lifestyle by energizing our body in every way possible. It brings our body parts together to make a balance of body, mind and soul. 
Making people aware of the benefits of Yoga is the main aim of the World Yoga Day. How yoga can be helpful in making our life better, keeping our body disease free and contributing to the national development effectively are some of the main things that we should learn on this day. 

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