muhammad bin tughlaq ascended the throne after the death of Ghiyasuddin tughlaq in 1325.
He was one of the most learned sultans of the Delhi sultanate, and had profound knowledge of many subjects such as philosophy, religion, poetry and medicine.
However, he is mostly remembered for his controversial projects:
.Introduction of tonken currency,
 .heavy taxation in the doab,
.transfer of capital from delhi to devagiri,
 .futile plan to conquer khurasan
 .failed qyarachill campaigh.

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Muhammad Bin Tughluq [ محمد بن طغلق‎]was the Turkic Sultan of Delhi through 1324 to 1351.HE was belonged to the Great Tughlaq Dynasty.It is said that Tughlaq was a great scientist and mathematician.. Some of his ideas included the central capital and token currency.This one demerit of the Sultan was one of the key factors of his downfall. His hastening up of the measures of tax reforms or token currencies emptied the coffers.