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I search for forest and see only a few trees, 
I barely see an animal. Oh tell me, please! 
Where is the beauty, where did it all go? 
I asked many but no one seems to know. 

Yet, I know, that we are to blame. 
We have brought mankind to horrid shame. 
We killed living beings for our own gain, 
We took away their homes, gave them so much pain. 

It is time for redemption, to set things right. 
Enough for ourselves, for them we must fight. 
Protect their kind, they help us to live. 
We have taken enough, now it is time to give. 

Plant thousands of trees, give them back their home. 
It is pitiable that on concrete streets they have to roam. 
Don't kill any animal, be it big or small. 
We are all brothers. All for one and one for all
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