Dreams are only imagination. But, for me, it is not just only a silly imaginary thing - dreams are events in our minds that our souls imagine while sleeping. They mean so much to me. Every dream makes my sleep adventurous. I think dreams are given so we are engaged in something even during our sleep. In a dream, we are always doing something. In the dreams, where I am the hero standing in front of a monster, is the most exciting, because either I run away (that's fun) or I fight bravely. But, fairytales and heroes are not just it, such sweet dreams are not usually dreamt. Ghostly and scary ones are too much unbearing. They force us to wake up from sleep screaming.  But, whatever, such scary dreams are dreamt, only because of us; when we think of bad memories before sleeping, our brain creates a scary imagination and we dream it. Dreams are sweet, if we are always happy and cheerful, dreams will always be good. So, dreaming is good, it makes our burdens much lighter and we are happy. I conclude that - A dream is equivalent to happiness.
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