This is is there in study material
haemoglobin: hellow chlorophyll! how are you?

Chlorophyll: I am fine dear. I was just lit-bit busy

Haemoglobin: Why dear?

Chlorophyll: I am busy in trapping the sunlight and helping the plant in photosynthesis. However, we are kitchen of the plant cell naa..

Haemoglobin: Yes! it is a very important work! as the plant can prepare their food only in the presence of you,

Chlorophyll: Hey! You have a nice red colour..

Chlorophyll: but how did you got such a wonderful colour?

Haemoglobin: is due to the presence of iron in me. :)

Chlorophyll: How is work going on?

Haemoglobin: well..i am very busy in performing my most important work. That is, to carry oxygen from the lungs to the tissue and return CO2 from the tissue to the lungs.

chlorophyll: well we both are only busy. bye!

haemoglobin: bye

hope this helps.. :)