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That depends on each and every ones point of veiw. As it is a question considering everyones point of veiw we can say sceince boon to the we know without sceince there would even be no electricity.Sceince has not only helped mankind but also brought his creativity. if we are going to see the pages of the history we can see many great people like wright brothers,stephen hawkings,albert einstein. If you consider it as a boon you can even get into one of the pages in the history of science.

now as every thing has got both the ends if we are talking about bane the thing striking our mind is dynamites and atom bombs. If we even consider then then those dynamites and atom bombs are even helping us to break huge rocks so that the land can be cultivated.there are even aspects where sceince can be blamed but do admit it if there is no sciece we would not even have brainly website.

sushanth vinjay
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Awesome answer.....I agree wid u vinjay.....