Think of occasion when you lead a team for competition. were you successful? did you exhibit any of the qualities given below
problem solving
oratory skills
ability to take decisions
willing to take risks
if so to what extent were these qualities exhibited and how did it lead to your success?
trough an letter share your experience with your friend



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Dear ( name of friend ), 
                    I am fine here. Hope you and your family are fine too. I wanted to share an exciting moment with you. You know that I am the vice captain of my school's throw ball team. My school got selected for the Inter School throw ball tournament and we were all extremely happy. But , my team's captain had an important exam on Match Day and hence I had to lead my team! I was a bit nervous but everyone in my team had a lot of faith in me and i trusted them too. The seniors in my team were a bit egoistic but after seeing the way I tackled problems and my ability to take meticulous decisions, they started liking me a lot. The final match was very crucial as my school needed only point to win. I hit a risky shot and luckily me and my team won.
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awesome thankyou so much
You're welcome
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