" India is my motherland. Vandemataram!"

When I grow up I want to become the "Prime minister of India". It sound like an unlikely ambition. Politics is full of treachery , risks , corruption and all, but also it's the only way of serving the country at best.
Lack of proper governance has doomed India, and I swear to change it. As the prime minister I'll work hard to change the face of India. 
My first aim will be to remove poverty. However this won't be through simple subsidies or free food schemes, but through self help programmes, where people can stand for themselves and earn their daily by their own work.

I want to raise India in the global forum as a super power. 
Poor children roam naked, hungry , miserable on the street. It's my dream to see them sleep comfortably in warm shelters.
Ministers get caught in corruption charges and scandals, one day I wish to set an example, so that no minister , no citizen of our country can even bear to think of getting corrupt.
Even today females are sometimes thought of as weak, the India of my dreams will be equal for both sexes.
I want to work to make the Indian economy as the most powerful one in the world.

I am ready to die for my country, but more than that I want to live for my country and see it rise towards glory.

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My biggest wish for my country  each and every child should  learn and educate  governments should provide best facilities for children's .
peoples who migrate  for job  provide jobs for them. not only for boys  and  gives for woman also. give equal respect them. and near by stations and  bus stands small children's roaming please inform to government, take care of those children's . each and every person be in unity and give respect to other and take respects.and most important think is give donations for poor family.  many poor families are sleeping on footpath help them they won't eat many days with hungry only they will sleep. please help poor peoples be happy and give chance to be happy others..
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