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Percy jackson and the lighting thief By rick riordan is one of the best books of fiction and mythology. It is bound to set your bonea tickling with all the inside out jokes and humour. The book is about percy a demigod who embarks on a journey to find zeus'a lighting bolt. Percy is a geek demigod the son of poseidon and life is never easy for a gel demigods. He has to watch out for monsters furies hellhounds and old ladies.. So will he be able to get the bolt with his friends grover and annabeth or will his fate take a different turn. ....u need to read till the end?
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in 200 words plz i forgot to mention
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Three men in a boat is the most successful book of Jerome K. Jerome. It is merely the story of a friendly trip up the Thames.Buy the way potential humor of every little incident has been bought about,makes it unusual travel story.
in 200 words plz i forgot to mention