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To: email address
Subject: Wildlife conservation preserves

Hi friend's name,

Hope you are fine there. You know already that i had dedicated and passionate intrest on wildlife. I really feel sad when the wild animals are killed so rapidly for the benifits of humans. They are so many animals that are headed towards extinction and are endangered.
I want to protect them.And make future generation a better place.I want to do it by starting a native garden in my backyard, like building bird house and bat house. I will provide them shelter and food too. I will co-operate the wild life preservative organizations. I will make explain people about the importance of nature 
and wildlife. I will take the help of the social media sites to spread it.As they are quite popular.I will be happy to become park protecter for one day atleast.I will conserve water and fossil fuel.And consume them 
wisely and efficiently.

I hope you will be with me. :)
See you soon! bye :)

my name.

hope this helps.. :)

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give me thankss,,,
huuuh..vry gud
ur mst welcme ^_^
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