A girl live in forest name kumnum she was not too beautiful she was a beggar and a beggar full of beauty but king wanted married his son so he take the woman who was poor and beautiful and live happily ever after
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My Dream

              Dream is something that all of us need to have. It is our vision. Dream is what you want to do for your future. I believe that having a great dream, is a must to us. And I have a big dream. Next year, I will confront a big examination, SPM.  It is very necessary for us get a good result from this exam. This is our future.             
               My dream is to be great neurosurgeons. I know it is not simple at all. But I know I can achieve it. I feel like this is my destiny. This is why I came to this world.  I do not know when or how I am going to achieve this. But it will not be easy. I am constantly studying in school right now. I cannot give up even if I fail. There is a saying that failure is the greatest teacher. I know in order to pursue my dream, I will face failure. This cannot be stopped. Even Albert Einstein and Sir Isaacs Newton faced failure when they are trying to create a great formula that is remained to be used till today.     
               I got influence when I watched a drama titled ‘Brain’. It is a very great drama.  To me, brain is most powerful thing in this world. The human brain is the center of the human nervous system. It has the same general structure as the brains of other mammals, but is larger than expected on the basis of body size among other primates. It controls everything that we do.