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Harry - Oh , dear your gums're  really swollen! What happened?
Soumi -  I've got a really serious gum infection. 
Harry - Oh! How did you get this?
Soumi - Improper dental habits. I've to reap what I sow.
Harry - I see. Why don't you consult a dentist?
Soumi - Even the sight of the dentist gives me chills! I don't  want to see him!
Harry -  Come on girl! You need to! Come with me. I'll take you there.
Soumi - You're right Harry. I'll have to see him, or I'll down with something even more serious!
Harry - That's like a good girl. But. make sure you don't turn tail at the last moment. I can only drag the horse to the water, but I can't make him drink it.
Soumui - Yeah, I'll have to swallow my dread some how. Thanks for your help.
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