Today I am feeling very happy as I spent m whole day in a very cheerfully and joyfully. In school all the teachers were happy from me . My friends and I enjoyed a lot . After coming home , I with my family went for a short picnic to crystal world. There I met one of my friends as well. I enjoyed a lot . We came home after having dinner. Then at night , I was told by my mother that tomorrow will be a holiday . My school has sent this message . After half an hour , my mom came to tell me that we will be going on a short trip to Shimla soon. i am very happy with what aall happened today.
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thank you so much for the same.....but actually, the essay should be written from 350 to 400 words. .......but still thanks a lot for helping me out.... I will try to exceed it as more as I can!!
well for that u can explain what u did at the amusement park... in school what all hapened... and ur thoughts when u got to know aput the holiday and the trip
ok!! thank you so much for helping me....
my pleasure