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1) The endoplasmic reticulum are located in the cytoplasm inside the cell.

2) The white fibrous tissues are found covering the blood vessles, arteries and bronchioles. 

3) the cardiac tissue are found in the wall of heart only.

4) parenchyma is found in the soft parts of almost all the organs of plants.
(i.e, in the cortex and pith of stem and root, leaf, in the fleshy fruits and in the endosperm).

5) Lateral meristimatic tissues are found as cambium in the vascular bundles of dicot stem and root and as cork cambium beneath the bark.

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Found inside the cytoplasm
Found in covering of the blood vessels/lining of blood vessels.
Located in the walls of the heart. They are also involuntary.
Packing tissues in plants. Found in loose aread.
Foumd beneath the bark as cork
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