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This year I spent my summer vacations in my grandparents place. It has been long since I visited their village. It is a beautiful place with a lot of greenery around it. There are a lot of farms around there with various crops growing in them. I enjoyed learning about various plants and animals and crops from my grandpa. I also enjoyed eating a lot of delicacies made by my grandma. I also spent a lot of time learning new things of nature, like making things out of waste materials, managing cattle, watering the gardens, cutting vegetables, etc. We also attended a lot of village side functions and marriages.
Overall, it was the best summer vacation for me.
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Hello sanjay I don't know who are you but what we will kno that how did you celebrate your summer vacations. I request you to try on your own and if there are any mistakes you can ask us dear. I am saying this for your use please don't think bad about it dear sanju...........