Two friends purchased an article for Rs.50/- each of them having a share of Rs.25/-. The shopkeeper later remembered that there was Rs.5/- discount on the item. He thought to take Rs.2/- and give Rs.3/- to the friends. So, each of the friend's share becomes Rs. 25-1.5= Rs.23.5/-. So, they purchased the item for Rs.47/-. Shopkeeper had Rs.2/-
Rs.47/-+Rs.2/-= Rs.49/- But the actual cost was Rs.50/-. Where is the 1 Rupee gone?



Why did you subtract 1.5 rs from each ones ahre when there was a discpunt of 5 rupees? You should have subtracted 2.5. Then this question is solved. Hope this helps you. And I request you to please mark my answer as the brainliest.