Because your answer is not at all similar to mine
You have given negative points and mine are positive points
but i 2 wrote regarding those points only but somewt negative way
Yeah, But you also know that all your points are based on pollution and mine none of them indirectly also not refer to pollution


Now a days everyone is using pesticides, fertilisers to cultivate crops but they effect farms in long using them even food v is getting polluted.sometimes farmers use more of them and it also gets mixed with near by water bodies and pollute it,also when more is dissolved then could b in that land and destroy its fertility. i accept that they r necessary for more production to cope up with this large population but there r more disadvantages than advantages.v may have also read in news paper articles that pesticides r foun d in coco cola drink and cadbury dairy milk chocolate. so by following natural vegetation all these could b  reduced and a safer community could b created again
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Natural vegetation provide us with many natural resources such as timber, wood etc. It also provide us with the essentials of life such as oxygen, fruits etc. It also provides as a shelter for animals and forset tribes. Each and every life is therefore directly or indirectly dependent on natural vegetation. Hope this helps you. And I request you to please mark my answer as the brainliest.
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