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History is a subject where students learn about the events about the past. To take a clear decision in the present, we must have a clear knowledge about what happened in the past. By learning history, we learn the richness of our culture and at the same time, we get an idea about other nations and their customs too. By knowing about different nations' we can also promote harmony and learn to respect them. A clear knowledge of the past will lead to a good future. Hence history is unique among all branches of social science.
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History is unique because it contains mostly dates and many memories . we learn it because after reading it we don't follow the mistakes that were commited previously because experience is the best teacher and then no matter it's others.
the other thing is that we can learn and understand the glorius past years
we feel proud for the people that have sacrificed their life in saving our india
we know about many traditions and rituals followed by the people

the other reason is
it's most boring subject and we feel sleepy during the's very difficult to learn all the dates . it's hated by nearly all students ( funny but true)
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