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My greatest service to my motherland will be to become fully educated and literate and do the things by which my motherland's name and fame will be raised up.To make it clean and green by planting tress and putting garbage into bins Is to make all poor people rich so can they stand on their legs.Make it clean .Increase its financial conditions.Give education to all.Give protection to female.To remove corruption and people who are using black work like Politicians.To give all opportunities whether they are of upper or lower class,OBC's or ST's .To make India clean ,as our prime minister Mr.Narendra Modi launched " Swachh Bharat Abhiyan" and Green ,We can make India clean by planting a tree in a week .By providing free milk to poor children as they will become healthy in future.I also wish to start free medical checkup in school and colleges and institute and hostel weather they are government or private once in a month.Many poor kids move here and there without clothes on their body [naked] hereand there in searching of food. It's my wish to see them  comfortably Politics is full of treachery , risks , corruption and all, but also it's the only way of serving the country at best..My first aim will be to remove poverty.I want to raise India in the global forum as a super power.My wish is to remove corruption from my nation. I want to allow much more free schemes for my nation so poor people can enjoy can use it for positive things. I will increase the technical power of the country of India Pollution free environment is a dream which we would love to have clean, fresh air to breathe, fruits and vegetables that taste as they should taste, peace and happiness in every home devoid of anger, irritation or misery. Some TV channels show the levels of pollution in leading cities – the concern ends there. When you put your trash in the cans for pickup, take a moment to tie your bags and secure your lids. This prevents stray pieces of trash from falling out and blowing around your neighborhood .If we have to reduce pollution our farmer brothers and sisters should reduce the using of fertilizers Reuse wrapping paper, gift bags, plastic containers and anything else as much as you can. The only way to want to keep your neighborhood clean is to love and appreciate it, and the only way you will love your neighborhood is if you spend time in it.The main problem of our country is the problem of corruption. I will try to do reduce corruption by:- Give better salary to the employs in government jobs Increase the number of workers Keep transactions online and provide bill for every purchase: One major problem is Unemployment. I will give my whole life to help those workers who are still unemployed. And the biggest problem is inflation (महँगाई). I will try my to get control over inflation by increasing Monetary policy, Fiscal policy and by controlling the wages.......       .If I become "The Prime Minister of India" so I will make it possible on any condition...