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Since you want only hints, I am not writing any sentences.
-- reason for visit ( summer holidays )
-- place of visit ( ooty, shimla, Darjeeling ) 
-- mode of transport ( train, flight )
-- preparation ( booking tickets, packing things )
-- description of stay ( in resort or hotel )
-- touring the place ( visiting the gardens, playing in the snow, enjoying the climate )@
-- return journey 
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in the intro. can i start as i started my summer vacations and thought of gng somewhere...................
Hmm...start it as ....I was really happy as my exams got over and I wanted to spend my summer vacation In an exciting way. Co incidentally my family planned for a trip to.....
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Going with the family o friends
pleasure there
enjoyment and full enjoying
mode of going
explain the environment and scenery
after it
end it as a memorable trip
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