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Domain = All real numbers.
Range = Non-negative real numbers , including 0.


For Finding domain:
                            In simple terms all the values of x such that the given function remains relevant is known as its domain
                            There is no direct method or formula for finding the domain.The domain can be found out by imagining the graph or by drawing it.The graph of the given equation has a bent shape and meets the x axis at (1,0).All the points on this line has one and only one x coordinate indicating that the relation remains relevant for all the real values of x.

Finding range:
                    In simple terms all the values we get for f(x) when we give values to x is known as its range.
                    There is also no direct method for finding the range.For functions completely enclosed in mod operator (like this equation) the range will be the set of all non-negative real numbers (ie, positive real numbers including 0).
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