Village is a great resource for a country. It behelds the nature and lets the people learn to love the nature. But, majority of people deny it because of lack of technology and development. Though, true; the fact should not be avoided, we should work for the development of villages. Because, it is the place, from where human being have been so many years before, they are created of soil so why not go near the soil, the earth?? 

Now, lets go into direct issue. The village needs to be developed in its facilities and others. One such plan is to force solar electricity on to the villages. As all know, that the village runs short on the supply of electricity, most times there is almost no electricity in villages. Our country is still not developed, and is a developing country, so, it will take some time to supply much vast amounts of electricity. Until then, we can stop the problem, by a minor solution - using solar electricity. Sun is a unlimited source of heat, light. As it is unlimited, it is a renewable source for energy. Nowadays, we can convert this energy into solar energy. It is renewable - unlimited, and so has no chance of falling short.Villagers can set up solar panels at their roofs, individually, and have unlimited electricity supply. In the case of rain, there are spare batteries that can be useful. Though, spare solar batteries is too much technological and it will take some time to develop on this plan. Until then, Au Revoir(French for Good Bye)...
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