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Kamarajar was born in Virudhunagar in Tamilnadu.His mother is Sivagami and father kumarasamy.He was born on july 15,1903.After the death of his dad kumarasamy he stopped his education due to lack of money to spend it for educational purpose.This created a great thinking in his mind.He continued his later life by doing business.He played a vital role in the freedom and development movement of India.

Education and Kamarajar:
Once the tour he had a visit to the village in the car.Meanwhile a shepherd boy told him to stop the car. Kamarajar got down the car and came to the boy.

"Brother, you have not gone to school? Why? "He asked.

"We never have school in our town. How could I go to school? have you read in your local school? "The boy asked to Kamarajar.

"If I go to school everyday , who will give me food?" The boy asked Kamarajar.

"Oh ... yes ... will you go to school regularly if food is provided to you?" He asked the sheperd.

"Ofcourse" said the boy.

If the school has facilitated the provision of education in rural areas to increase the school's director, Kamarajar immediately came to Chennai to meet Sundara Vadivelu to plan to 
implement "lunch meals program" immediately to all schools.

Kamarajar as a freedom fighter:
1952 - won in parliamentary elections.
1954 - became the chief minister of Tamil Nadu.
Kamarajar introduced a scheme of providing uniform to all school students in tamilnadu.

Thus Kamarajar realised the importance of education and its significant nature and uses in the later life of every individual.He enhanced people and removed the differences that arise on the basis of status and money.Such great person died on october 2,1975 on the day were Gandhiji was born.