Over the distance mountains morning breeze blomws
humming through robust breech birch and oak trees
ever green pines whistle to the tune of nippy breeze
group of song birds sing delightful springtime songs

twirling flossy clouds dance graceful waltzes
mountain range beneath has got rich pastures
cows graze fresh grass in lavish green meadows
chiming cow bells from mornings to evenings

sunlight glistens after early morning showers
pearls like dew drops fastened to lilac flowers
beautiful little lilacs flourish in heavy clustures
spreading honey scented appealing fragrances

its name is may's spring days

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By Robert Patinson I wonder further in the wood then pause to take in all I could, and there beneath its canopy I'm caught up in all its beauty. The colours start in palest green a vibrant living leafy screen, and spreading out in waves of pink the Willow Herb and nettles link. Insects buzz in whispered words, the broad old Oak is full of birds where Great Tits dare an early call, beneath Jays dig within the sprawl. Beyond a line of Foxglove towers rise above a glade of flowers and light, a shaft between the trees guides me on with quiet ease.