If we dont know the sperical mirrors then we cant drive the car at night times and rear view mirror is of sperical mirror if we dont have those sperical mirrors it would be difficult to watch vehicles at back and we can see far objects using rear view mirror. this application would not be applicable if sperical mirrors dosen't exist. 
   the shaving mirror and make up mirror is used to magnify the odject so if those dosnt exist we can't magnify the objects and magnefying lens are made up of convex mirror,use of this mirror also  will not be applicable.
   survillance mirror is used to see corners in shops and also to keep eye on any person.and this appication would not be applicable.
   torches,headlights and traffics lights are also made of sperical mirrors and if these are absent we cant manage the traffic and also we cant see anything at night times while we  are going in car or any vehicle.
  telescope mirror  is also a sperical mirror if these sperical mirrors are not there then we cant discover these miny odjects in the galaxy.


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