Hard work is the most valuable possession of man. An idler depends on chance. He sits with folded hands. He waits for some golden chance that will come his way. He keeps on sitting while others keep on working hard. They are able to achieve what they want. Hard work alone can make us successful and happy. Patience and its Rewards Patience is the key to unlock the door to success, contentment and virtue. Penelope portrays patience and serenity while waiting upon the return of her beloved husband. As a result, Penelope is rewarded with love. Patience brings the best of things with a touch of appreciation, faith and provides an individual with a quality that will assist him/her through the journey of life. The best things come to those who wait.

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Giving up is easy. Very easy actually! what takes courage is to hang on. If you begin with something and don't get the desired result, you ultimately give up. Giving up could only push you farther from achieving your goal whereas hanging on could make you achieve big! You never know where you have reached and what could come your way and make your dream come true. Never lose hope. Stay dedicated, Keep believing and keep going! when you do that nothing will stop you from making your dream true! Have Patience! The key to success is not just hard work, but patience as well.